What is the Focus Report?

Know your starting point. Without baseline information, it's difficult to know what actions to take to achieve your goals. The Focus Report brings your current situation into focus so you can move forward. You may think some goals are out of reach. The Focus Report can help you evaluate the future realistically. It will identify the people who are already on your team to help you and how to tap into that help.

Each Focus Report includes an inventory of three areas essential to planning and goal-setting:

  1. Identify your professional and personal network - your trusted advisor relationships
  2. Establish a list of the legal documents currently in place to protect you in the future
  3. Create an asset inventory

Still wondering how this works? Read how the Focus Report opened doors for people, helping them understand their resources, discover solutions, take control, and move toward a better future.

Identify possibilities and take control

Plan for lifestyle changes

Open channels of communication

Facilitating solutions in special situations

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