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More Life Connect exists to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

We all know someone who, at some point in their lives, said with regret, “If only I had done the things I really wanted to do, the things that were important to me. But it’s too late now.” We tell ourselves we don’t want to be that person, saying that about our own life. Yet, we don’t do much about it while we can.

The founder of More Life Connect spent over 25 years in the retirement planning field, working with people of all ages as they set goals for their future. In the early planning process, the goals were clear: visions of retirement spent traveling, pursuing hobbies, contributing to their community, learning new skills, perhaps starting a new business. They were committed to financial goals, dreams for their children and grandchildren. But as retirement approached, few had reached their goals. And they realized, with regret, that for many goals time had run out.

The mission of More Life Connect is to empower people to take action now, before it’s too late. Our goal is to help people identify their goals in a very specific, value-based way. This begins with becoming clear about where they are today, by creating a fact-based starting point to build on. We compile the information necessary to create a realistic plan of action that makes achieving important life goals a reality.

More Life Connect exists to connect people with their future and to give them more life.
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