Been There - Done That

A Life Review Checklist of accomplishments and challenges, achievements and opportunities –

Check off the experiences you’ve lived through, the ones that were exhilarating, the challenging ones, the things you’re glad are behind you.
Give yourself credit for all of your achievements and life experiences. What opportunities are left unchecked? Are these goals for your future or potential situations you can take steps now to guard against.

Did we miss any milestones? Were their events in your life that we didn’t include on the list? Let us know what others we could add.
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Life Transition Points

School and career
First job
First house
Career change
Purchase larger house
Salary reduction
Loss of job
Downsizing to smaller house
Start your own business
Part time employment

Family Milestones

Birth of Child(ren)
Children in college
Child returns home
Child returns home with children
Vacation home
Caregiving for elder parent
Caregiving for spouse


Raising children
College costs
Auto accident
Student loan repayment
Lottery winnings
Loss of home due to natural disaster
Sucessfully funded retirement
Reduction in income due to time off to care for elder parent
Collecting social security benefits
Paying for health care after retirement

Health Related Events

Enjoying good health
Training for a sport
Sport related accident
Achieved weight goal
Annual physical & screenings
Healthy diet
Temporary loss of income due to illness
Staying active
Positive attitude

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