Q: I regularly file all my important papers. Doesn’t that mean I’m organized?

A: Organization is the basis for all decision making, not a filing system. A total picture, not just individual files, is what we mean by organization. Once organized, your information will guide you to the actions necessary to reach your goals. If your data isn’t doing that for you, it’s not organized.

Q: I set goals all the time, but never seem to accomplish what I want in my life. How can More Life Connect help me?

A: Goals reflect what you value most. They typically reflect an emotion such as love for family, the desire for a secure future, or growth in a certain area, such as health or wealth. More Life Connect helps you set goals based on values. Goals defined in terms of value are more likely to be achieved. We work with you to personally align your goals to your values.

Q: What is unique about More Life Connect?

A: We emphasize personal advocacy. Our service goes far beyond the first step of organizing data. Our aim is to understand your values and goals and identify the steps you can take short term and long term to have the life you want.

Q: What is a Focus Report?

A: A Focus Report is an organized inventory of all of your financial assets and legal documents. It provides a picture of where you are today. Everything is based on this starting point.

Q: What is a personal advocate?

A: A personal advocate is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We bring a variety of resources into a coordinated effort to achieve the goals you set for your life. Your future is our priority.

Q: I’d like to give my children, who live in another state, a list of my financial information. Can I use the Focus Report for this?

A: Yes. The Focus Report is also a communication tool to provide complete information for your children, your financial advisor or your estate planning attorney. We recommend you give them the names of your trusted advisors, people they can rely on to help them make good decisions.

Q: I think I can organize my own stuff, and I plan to do that someday. What can More Life Connect do for me that I can’t do for myself?

A: More Life Connect can motivate you to actually get organized - now. Having an advocate is like having a personal trainer working with you. We’ll help you take action.



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