More Life Connect works with individuals to gather and organize their current data into a professionally designed inventory. This is the road map for setting goals and making decisions. We work with you to discover the potential you have to create more life.

Stage 1. The Focus Report

  • Organization is the starting point. The tool we use is the Focus Report.
  • A More Life Connect Personal Advocate will work with you to complete the Focus Report. Our Personal Advocates are credentialed, experienced professionals.
  • All data is confidential.
  • Three categories are examined – a financial inventory, a checklist of legal documents and your advisor and consultant network.
  • A summary of resources and opportunities is included, as well as areas that may need attention.
  • The Focus Report is delivered to you in a password-protected, electronic format.

Stage 2. Your future in focus

  • Values-based goals are formulated using the inventory and resources identified in the Focus Report.
  • A Focus Plan is created for your specific goals and their achievement.
  • Your Personal Advisor is equipped to serve as an advocate in the achievement of your goals, working with you and your current advisors and consultants.
  • An annual review of the Focus Report and Focus Plan is recommended to stay focused on your future.

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